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Y&R Singapore experiments with Facebook hashtags for ‘M1. For Every One’

Y&R Singapore has launched an integrated campaign for M1 using platforms across social media, television, print and OOH. One of the most interesting aspects of the campaign is the usage of Facebook’s hashtags.

Building on the 2012 campaign, that focussed on ‘A better experience with M1’, in the latest initiative, M1 goes beyond telling people that not only is the experience better at M1, but that it is always constantly evolving to meet the individual’s needs.

Apart from the above the line media, the ‘M1. For Every One’ campaign, uses Facebook’s latest offering – hashtags, and Instagram, to get people engaged to tell M1 what they enjoy on services such as 4G and Fibre Broadband. Consumers can submit videos telling M1 what they enjoy, and upload them to the Facebook App www.m1foreveryone.com or with a simple hashtag on Instagram, #m1foreveryone.

“Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. This year’s brand campaign further emphasises M1’s commitment to be not just a service provider, but a company that delivers solutions that truly meet our customers’ need,” said P Subramaniam, Chief Marketing Officer for M1.

“To demonstrate the saliency of its proposition, this campaign will provide a platform for our customers to tell us which M1 products/services matter to them in a fun and rewarding manner. It is the best way to show that M1 has always listened to their customers to give them the best telcom experience they want,” added Melvin Kuek, Managing Director for Y&R Singapore.