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Zalora grows brand awareness with Out There Media

Online fashion shopping portal Zalora was looking to improve its brand recall amongst the youth in Philippines before the holiday season to encourage them to do their online shopping from the site. The company partnered with Out There Media, a mobile advertising solution provider to create a mobile advertising strategy that will be effective in achieving the target. Out There Media implemented its Mobucks mobile platform to gain insights into the user behaviour on the website.

The campaign, which ran from June to August this year, saw Zalora going strong with a targeted mobile advertising being deployed by Out There Media. The campaign targeted Zalora’s existing and new customers. Rafael Alunan, Out There Media’s country manager in the Philippines, commented, “Our consultative approach to mobile advertising allows us to work closely with our clients and to use insights from our platform to allow them to tap into new markets. By maintaining an open channel of dialogue with the customers, we developed a formula that gave us a response that exceeded all expectations”.

For Zalora, the objective of their mobile campaign was to maximise awareness of the brand, and to encourage subscribers to shop at the online store. With Mobucks, Out There Media was able to actually optimize and fine-tune the effectiveness of the campaign. With this Zalora was able to tap into new user group including include male subscribers and subscribers from the C1 social group, which includes individuals in supervisory, clerical and junior managerial, administrative or professional roles.

As the campaign grew, Out There Media took feedback from the insights presented by the Mobucks platform to customize the campaign further to get more consumers into the loop. The company initially targeted both women and men at a 70/30 ratio and subscribers in the A and B social groups, which included those in high to intermediate level managerial, administrative or professional roles. However as the campaign progressed Out There Media changed its tactics to include a greater percentage of men, and subscribers in Philippines’ C1 income bracket. According to Alunan, the mobile platform insights showed that the response rate for men was nearly equal to the response rate from women, and high rate of response was from men in C1 income bracket.

Commenting on the benefit of implementing the Mobucks platform, Paulo Campos, co-founder and managing director of Zalora, said, “We were also impressed by Mobucks’ capabilities in profiling and targeting, which allowed us to understand customer behaviour better, and tailor our approach perfectly.

To get the consumers hooked, Out There Media sent out various versions of the brand message. One of the message versions sent out to subscribers prompted them to respond in order to receive a discount voucher for apparel from Zalora. This was followed up with a response directing the subscriber to the online store and a call to action, encouraging them to share the voucher with their friends. This clear financial incentive attracted the consumers from lower income group and older subscribers. “Interestingly, the responsiveness of customers went up during pay day. Insights like this help us streamline and deliver a successful campaign for our clients,” commented Alunan.

The company also paid special attention to the youth segment, which proved that it required a special approach. It created a dialogue with the subscriber through an SMS requiring response – this proved to be a better approach for Zalora, as they were able to build a relationship with the customer base.

Praising the positive results from this campaign, Campos said, “Our mobile advertising campaign with Out There Media truly delivered impressive results for our business. We saw a significant increase in the traffic to our site (up to 30 percent week-on-week increases on certain days). There was a significant increase in direct sales (monitored through the redemption of voucher codes distributed via the campaign); increased awareness of our brand, as highlighted by the general traffic increase on our website. We are already planning further mobile advertising campaigns with Out There Media, as a result of the success of this initial campaign”.

The initial response rate of 4.5 percent saw an increase of over 150 percent with the modified tactics prompted by the insights provided by Out There Media’s platform. “Through the mobile channel, we have helped Zalora provide uplift for their marketing campaign and support their marketing efforts through other channels, such as social media and their website. Marketers need to realise that mobile is equally as powerful when used in isolation or as part of the entire marketing mix in order for the campaign to be succinct and holistic,’ Integration after all is still key, with mobile acting as the glue that strengthens a brands performance”, Alunan added. The company claims that its presence in the Philippines market has already produced successful results across multiple industries including FMCG, Food & Beverage, Airlines, Banking, Luxury, Fuels, BPO’s, pharmaceuticals, and lately with Zalora’s mobile campaign.