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10 tips to create a winning ad copy

You have a great product, a fabulous service in offing or maybe you are already an established business entity. But how do you reach out to the customers, how do you tell them what do you have to offer, how do you inform them what new products have you come out with , how do you entice your target audience, how do you establish that link between your brand and your prospective customers, how do your reinforce your brand? The answer lies in creating an effective ad copy which is not only relevant but also specific, informative and compelling enough for someone to look at it and click on it.

Let’s look at few factors to be borne in mind while creating an effective advertisement.

  1. Understand your target audience – Let this be the premise of creating an ad. Understand the demographics of the people you want to reach out to and then use these insights to create your ads. Use phrases, words or images that will resonate with your prospective customers. Tailor your ads. Break all the barriers through the medium of advertising, connect with them personally.
  2. Focus on formatting of the ad– This is the first impression about your brand. Check your ads for spelling errors & grammar mistakes. Utilize available space in the ad. Add punctuations wherever necessary, make it well structured. Remember, bad ad formatting can really turn off your potential customer.
  3. Be Relevant and specific – Specific & Relevant ads deliver right message to the customers. Talk in a language that your target audience can understand. Don’t clutter your ad, don’t generalize, and be focused. Don’t dress up your ad that the audience gets lost. Be compelling, crisp and clear in your messaging. Example in AdWords, include the keywords in your ad to make it more relevant.
  4. Improve the visibility of your ad – make the ads look more informative and bigger. Include the phone number, location, opening hours so that it is convenient for your customers to reach you. If you are using Google AdWords, it has a feature of adding ad extensions like call, location, call out, sitelink etc., so do make use of these liberally and provide a better user experience.
  5. Use a powerful headline – have an eye grabbing headline, something that no one can miss and is compelled to see the ad. Make it powerful, impactful, effective, short & precise. Keep the language simple, don’t make it too complicated for the audience to comprehend. Try to be different, stand out from the competitors. Let your headline shout that you are solving their problem. Delight the customer by delivering the right message.
  6. Include features, Benefits, Unique Selling Prepositions (USP) – Let your ad tell the features and sell the benefits. Include the Value Prepositions that differentiates you from the competitors. Tell your customers how using your products or services will overcome their problems or issues. Give them an offer that they just cannot refuse, make it irresistible. Avoid frequent usage of words like ‘us’, our’, ‘we’ and focus on ‘you’ and your’. Make it as personalized and engaging as possible. Remember, don’t make your ads very pushy.
  7. Reduce the risk – There are many scamsters and substandard products and services in the market. Customers coming to you for the first time don’t know you, they don’t know whether you are reliable. Reduce this feeling of risk by specifying any guarantee / warrantee that comes with your product, make them comfortable. People will feel good, would want to try out your products knowing that there is no risk, they won’t lose out on anything and the company is standing behind them.
  8. Consistency in message delivery – Consistency is the key, be clear about what you want to convey. The same message should go out on all the platforms. Let the tone of your messaging be consistent so that your audience recognize you just by seeing your ad.
  9. Include Call to Action in your ad copy – Be creative with your CTA words, use exciting and focused words, guide them. It will help your audience in understanding the action you want them to take after seeing your ad. This will increase your Click through rates (CTR), will entice customers which in turn will improve your ROI.
  10. Test your ad– Run multiple versions of the ads, test them. Measure the key metrics defined to achieve your business objective. Run the ads meeting your business goals.

Summing it up, Create an ad that grabs target audience’s attention, sparks interest in your brand, creates a desire to use your product/ service and compels him to take an action. Design your ads in such a way that you connect with your customers and they relate to your messaging.