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60% of Singaporean Workers Willing To Retrain

JobStreet finds out the readiness of Singapore’s workforce in forging new pathways for themselves.

According to the latest findings from the Decoding Global Ways of Working study, more than 72 percent of Asian workers are willing to retrain for a new job role, while 60 per cent of Singaporean respondents echo this sentiment.

Singapore is one of the few countries where workers’ willingness to retrain increased with age. 67 per cent of those aged 61 years and above were willing to retrain in any case, being the most negatively impacted by Covid-19, as well as 75 per cent of those without formal education. The service sector, sales, manual work & manufacturing sectors saw workers who are the most willing to retrain for a completely different job function.
The study is conducted in partnership with SEEK Asia (The parent company of JobStreet), Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and The Network. A total of 6,280 Singaporean respondents out of 209,000 participants across 190 countries took part in the study.

For more detailed findings on Singapore as well as Asia reports, please refer to the press kit here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4rv8lq10n6b19we/AABRypv7NUGIBoxTATeH9tuna?dl=0