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Adap.tv expands into Australia with online video solutions

Since online video is expected to account for 81 percent of all internet traffic in Australia, it is a good space to be in for players focussing in digital advertising space. That is why Adap.tv, the company that provides a programmatic way to plan, buy, sell and measure television and online video advertising, is expanding its footprint with a new presence in the country.

The company which already serves 1.8 billion monthly video impressions has set up a new office in Darling Park, Sydney, which will serve as the regional headquarter for Adap.tv in APAC. Adap.tv has also pulled in Phil Duffield, formerly managing director at digital agency AD2ONE.

Talking about the importance of being in Australia first with its solutions, Duffield said, “Within the next few years, video is expected to account for 81 percent of all Australian internet traffic, which is making advertisers think more about where they direct their budgets. We have the technology and the inventory to meet this demand and deliver targeted advertising across a myriad of platforms and devices. There’s no doubt that we will be part of a major transformation in the online industry in the region.”

Adap.tv builds technology that destroys the inefficiencies of television and video advertising. It delivers a programmatic way to plan, buy, sell and measure across multiple sources, screens and methods of transacting. Adap.tv is comprised of two operational units – the Adap.tv Platform and the Adap.tv Marketplace.  The Adap.tv Platform provides advertisers, publishers and ad networks with automated buying and selling tools that are customized to meet any business goal. As the world’s largest source of video advertising inventory, the Adap.tv Marketplace has thousands of sellers and hundreds of campaigns running daily.

To begin with Australia and New Zealand will be the initial focus for Adap.tv, with further expansion throughout Asia Pacific in the pipeline.