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Adobe adds search capability to its Advertising Cloud

Search advertisers face increased complexity in planning and optimizing campaigns. Billions of data points and decisions inform a typical search campaign, from thousands of keywords across multiple properties to targeting parameters like audience, device, geography, time of day and more. It’s impossible for humans to sift through all that data and make optimal decisions on budget allocation and bid optimization to get the best possible results.

To address these challenges, Adobe introduced new Adobe Advertising Cloud Search with easy-to-use workflows, unique data access and artificial intelligence (AI). Part of Adobe Experience Cloud, the offering is designed to save advertisers time and increase ROI.

Adobe Sensei, the company’s AI and machine learning framework, is at the center of new optimization capabilities. With granular engagement metrics from Adobe Analytics, as well as audiences from Adobe Audience Manager and Adobe Campaign readily available, Adobe Advertising Cloud Search leverages Adobe Sensei to inform bid optimization, simulations and forecasting decisions.

Adobe Advertising Cloud Search also features a new user interface (UI), built from the ground up to ensure ease-of-use and make workflows more efficient and effective. Updates include an array of new bulk-edit features, including the ability to copy-and-paste directly from the UI into Microsoft Excel – and vice versa – with changes reflected immediately. Advertisers can also quickly search, navigate and organize complex campaigns for faster management. Finally, customized reporting filters and columns help to simplify complex data to speed decision-making.

In optimizing campaigns, Adobe Sensei scans for discrepancies between modeled and actual performance, automatically adjusting keyword bids multiple times per day to maximize returns. Adobe Advertising Cloud Search delivers this optimization with the highest level of transparency of any search platform. Advertisers have complete visibility into forecast models and their accuracy, with reports available at any time for advertisers to drill into click, cost and revenue models.

“The next generation of search advertising will be powered by better data, sophisticated data science and greater transparency,” said Justin Merickel, vice president of Adobe Advertising Cloud. “Adobe Advertising Cloud Search is delivering on that promise and amplifying what humans can do through greater automation.”

“We’re impressed with the level of performance we’ve achieved with Adobe Advertising Cloud Search,” said Adam Allamar, senior director of Digital Marketing – Digital Acquisition at Barclays. “The benefits of AI and machine learning technology for bid optimization, forecasting and media budget allocation are readily apparent.”