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Adobe expands voice capabilities; launches audio analytics

Adobe has expanded their voice capabilities across Adobe Experience Cloud to further advance the customer experience.

With so many different ways to reach consumers, brands fear missing the boat on the next major trend – as some did when smartphones suddenly became ubiquitous. These days, it is clear which next big trend is taking hold: people are speaking to their devices a lot more.

A new Adobe survey of over 1,000 U.S. consumers showed that 76 per cent of smart speaker owners increased their use of voice assistants in the last year. Through Adobe Experience Cloud, brands like ESPN and Marriott Hotels now have the tools to deliver compelling, consistent and continuous experiences.

• Advanced voice data analysis: Attribution IQ within Adobe Analytics will be expanded to include voice. Contribution analysis, powered by Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s AI and machine learning framework can now help identify contributing factors behind anomalies such as user drop-off or a sales surge. Lastly, Segment IQ will use voice data to better formulate target segments – an especially critical effort for engaging younger groups of users.

• Enhanced personalization: Marketers that can capture voice data with Adobe Analytics have more insights now around how customers engage with the brand. While the data itself is aggregated and anonymous, it provides rich signals into preferences and behaviors – much of which can inform how brands engage elsewhere. In Adobe Target, the personalization engine in Adobe Experience Cloud, new capabilities are being delivered that leverage voice insights to drive more personalization on other channels like desktop web and mobile.

Meanwhile, whether it’s music, podcasts or e-books, people are consuming much more audio content over the Internet. Unlike many other services, the consumption patterns are incredibly dynamic. As user growth spikes, there is more pressure on brands to understand how users experience these services across different devices and on marketers to better realize their investments.

Adobe released new audio analytics capabilities in Adobe Analytics available so that brands can tap data to drive everything from monetization strategy to personalization. Brands will be able to gather insights on this growing channel, but also tie it back to a singular customer profile.

Features include:
• Over 70 metrics available: Adobe Analytics takes users beyond vanity metrics and basic KPIs. From drop-off metrics to ad effectiveness, audio analytics allows brands to intuitively understand end-to-end consumption, engagement and service delivery
• Advanced Analysis and AI: Power features within Adobe Analytics are now being extended to better leverage audio data. It includes Adobe Sensei-powered features like Contribution Analysis, which uses machine learning to identify the contributing factors behind both good and bad anomalies.
• Integrations with Adobe Marketing Cloud and Adobe Ad Cloud: Adobe Ad Cloud can now leverage audio insights to better guide monetization and paid media. Integrations with Marketing Cloud will drive intuitive personalization across channels with Adobe Target to inform email marketing strategies through Adobe Campaign