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AnyMind Group acquires Hong Kong-based Acqua Media

AnyMind Group, an AI solutions provider across the advertising, marketing and human resource industries, has acquired Acqua Media, a Hong Kong-based publisher trading desk, with a presence in Beijing and Sydney. This is the company’s second acquisition, providing expanded geographical span and revenue opportunities.

Founded in 2013, Acqua Media provides programmatic selling strategy and ad monetization services for premium web publishers and app developers. Acqua Media serves over 252 publishers across Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mainland China and Australia, generating an average 8.3B monthly impressions. Ben Chien, founder of Acqua Media will join AnyMind Group as General Manager of Hong Kong and Regional Director, Publisher Engagement for AdAsia Holdings in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan and Australia.

Having previously held roles at CommercialAsia.com, PCCW, SAS and Yahoo, Mr Chien will join the management team of AnyMind Group and lead AdAsia Holdings’ sell-side business for the region.

“Having grown Acqua Media to an emerging powerhouse, I am excited for even more growth for our current and future clients across Asia. They now have the ability for business discovery – harnessing artificial intelligence to find out and act on areas of revenue generation that were not readily or easily apparent previously,” said Mr Chien.

Current clients of Acqua Media will now have access to the AdAsia Digital Platform for Publishers and the AdAsia Premium Marketplace. Launched in October 2017, the platform provides online media owners with a solution that leverages on machine learning and artificial intelligence to consolidate, recommend and optimize multiple advertiser demand sources and minimum bid prices for an online advertisement space.

Publishers can also leverage on the additional traffic brought through the AdAsia Premium Marketplace.

“Similar to the FourM acquisition, Acqua Media provides us with established market share in the Hong Kong and Taiwan markets, along with Beijing and Sydney. We’re looking to empower the growth of existing Acqua Media clients and future publishers through the AdAsia Digital Platform for Publishers and AdAsia Premium Marketplace – and at the same time, look to drive our growth to monetizing 30B monthly impressions by the end of 2019, ” said Kosuke Sogo, CEO and co-founder of AnyMind Group.