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APAC audience data expenditure in Q1 decreases

  • The government organisations sector grew by 57.6 times globally
  • The services & utilities sector grew the most across APAC
  • Government organisations most likely to invest a premium in targeting data

The audience data expenditure in APAC decreased in Q1, in line with the seasonal slowdown in Q1 worldwide, according to an Eyeota report.

The report also highlighted that the global trend of travel & leisure advertisers increasing spend on audience data was reflected in APAC, as well as the similarity in most sought-after segments globally and across the region (sociodemographic and purchase intent). It ranked third in Asia-Pacific and Southeast Asia, and occupied second place in Australia.

Among the advertising sectors which witnessed the most growth globally, the government organisations sector was on the top, growing 57.6 times more than overall growth. It was followed by the F&B sector at 22.5 times, travel & leisure at 20.5 times and the charitable organisations sector at 15.9 times.

Kevin Tan, CEO at Eyeota, says, “The Asia-Pacific region continues to be diverse and fragmented and has its own unique traits unlike any other region. This was reflected in trends seen within the F&B sector, which was the only advertiser sector to show strong growth in Q1 similar to Q4, driven by fast food chains across the region. Seasonality also drove audience data spend trends across the region – for example, retail advertisers were most interested in seasonal segments with calendar events such as Chinese New Year driving investment in audience data.

Government organisations were also the most likely to invest a premium in targeting data. These advertisers sought to reach young, educated users and business professionals to vote.

While the services & utilities sector grew the most across APAC, it was the medical sector in Australia and travel & leisure sector in Southeast Asia respectively.

Most sought-after audience data segments was sociodemographic (56 per cent) and purchase intent (19 per cent).

“As marketers and media buyers become savvier in utilising audience data to meet their campaign goals, we foresee continued demand from marketers and media buyers for high quality audience data with scale and reach to understand their target audiences in a new way – as human beings,” Mr Tan said.

Shubhi Tandon

Shubhi Tandon is the Assistant Editor at Digital Market Asia. Fascinated by the evolving digital media industry, she has focussed on tracking developments in the Asia Pacific market since 2014.