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APAC is the market of the future: YuMe’s Michael Hudes

The video audience in China is estimated at 439 million people, almost 70% of China’s Internet users, according to eMarketer. eMarketer predicts an overall advertising spend of $73.13 Billion for China in 2015, with video ad spend reaching $4.04 billion. How has YuMe’s China office opening been received in the market?
Our partners in China have responded enthusiastically to our offerings and our entry into the marketplace. The fact that our partnerships are with some of the largest and most prominent digital media companies in China speaks to the confidence and enthusiasm with which we have been received. Our initial launch in the country began with 15 partners, a number we expect to grow significantly by the end of the year. The offering that has generated the most excitement is also what we’re known for in other markets: the ability to deliver high value audiences when and where they are needed.
What other APAC markets do you perform in? Which is the best performing market in APAC for YuMe?
YuMe has operated in Asia since our founding, and we continue to maintain offices located in Chennai and Pune, India. Expansion into APAC has been a focus of ours for 2015. Our Chinese office openings follow the announcement of our partnership with D.A. Consortium, the largest digital media representative in Japan, which launched in January of 2015. That deal allowed us to expand further into APAC with inventory from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam.
Which other markets are you looking to launch in SE Asia? How important is the SE Asia market for YuMe?
With almost a quarter of the world’s population and some of the fastest growing economies on earth, APAC is increasingly critical for digital advertisers and marketers. It’s really the market of the future, and given the surging popularity of digital content with the region’s mobile first users it is a strong opportunity.
Many other video advertising platforms have launched offices in APAC lately. What is YuMe doing to stay ahead of the competition in the region?
One of the things that has really distinguished us from other ad-tech providers in the Chinese market is that we deal directly not only with publishers and advertisers, but also some of the largest CTV manufacturers in China. YuMe has historically created product offerings that are endemic and organic to the regions we expand into. This rings true for our expansion into China, when we globalize, we also localize in order to meet the needs of that specific market. Given the immense popularity of CTV in China, and our deep experience in the category, it also means that we’re well equipped to help our partners reach the audiences that are critical to them.
What are the challenges that you face in China and other SE Asia markets? How can they be overcome?
The challenges in China and other SE Asian markets are similar to the challenges facing the advertising and marketing technology industry worldwide. As a company that prides ourselves on our ‘audience technology’ and brand-safety tools for clients, we feel our offerings are well positioned to address these concerns while giving marketers trying to reach Chinese audiences peace of mind. YuMe doesn’t just come onto the scene with products, we actually create products that match the culture and psychographics of the country that we are entering.
Most marketers in Asia-Pacific are either already using or plan to use programmatic advertising, according to December 2014 research. YuMe launched its programmatic video marketplace in Cannes. What are the plans for programmatic advertising in APAC?
We have been working with our suite of programmatic tools for some time now, and will continue to roll them out in various territories. We believe our technological expertise and tool set allows for a smarter offering. We’ll be excited to fill you in as we have more to tell about our APAC plans.
Video is the latest buzzword for programmatic, how is YuMe’s offering different from other platforms?
Video is an extremely “buzzy” topic right now. What differentiates us is that this isn’t a new product or commitment for us. Video is who we are, and it’s who we’ve been from the beginning. We’re coming to the market smarter and well prepared. We’ve been helping brand advertisers globally reach their preferred audiences since the beginning of the digital video era. We differentiate by bringing not just the right audience to our partners, but audiences on the right device at their most attentive state.
What are the plans for the future of YuMe in APAC?
We plan to be in APAC for the long haul. As a company that’s focused on growth, and on providing increasing global value to our partners, we know that continuing to push our boundaries is critical. We don’t think that there is a better region to make this happen for digital video as it’s seen incredible growth in APAC. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on our plans.