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App monetisation still biggest challenge for developers: Survey

The global mobile ecosystem has grown immensely in the last few years. Studies have shown how mobile data traffic has surpassed voice in the past few quarters. With this trend, most companies are concentrating on app monetisation as means of revenue generation, which continues to remain the biggest challenge for app developers. Mobile app development has thus become a thriving industry with huge scope for aspiring developers. Every single day brings news that reflects interesting mobile technology breakthroughs that propels app development opportunities to the next level.
Smartphones have brought with them smarter consumers, who have adopted apps to become integral part of their lifestyle. Considering that, many developers have been able to innovate across mobile devices and operating systems to create entrepreneurial avenues which has scaled their business faster. This opens up great opportunities for developers to build great products that can reshape the way people use technology.
However, developing such apps is a herculean task for the developers, where they have to figure out ways to integrate crucial app developed lifecycle services such as ad monetisation, analytics, bug tracking and in-app purchases. Based on the Mobile App Developer Survey 2013, this infographic showcases some insightful data with interesting stats and trends about App development while highlighting preferred platforms & development tools.
The top findings include:
Three quarters of app developers have been in the industry for less than three years, thus making this a young, but growing industry
App developers that enter this business primarily adopt the Android OS. Once they gain foothold, they start embracing other platforms.
Indie developers happen to focus more on the Entertainment category, multimedia apps and games; while business and finance is the most outsourced category to an app development services company.
Digitisation and monetisation of apps are two of biggest challenges faced by app developers.
Since social media integration allows deeper engagement and brand amplification of the app, 90 per cent of app developers are exploring ways to achieve that