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As cross-platform campaigns rise, integration becomes key to measurement

multi screenAs the emergent need in cross platform measurement increases, integrated multi-screen campaigns are going to become vastly more important in the next three years. As a result marketers are realising the importance to dedicate more of their investments to such campaigns and also quantify the impact, a recent report by Nielsen pointed out.

Since content delivery via video is moving across platforms, advertisers recognise that achieving reach by connecting with desired audiences is only effective when messages resonate and cause desired audiences to react at the point of sale. Advertisers are hence trying to accomplish either driving unduplicated reach or managing TV/online duplication with integrated multi-screen campaigns.

Driving unduplicated reach
Reaching one incremental person may be more valuable than reaching someone a second time. Hence, for a multi-screen campaign with 70 per cent TV reach and 30 per cent online reach, the ideal would be to deliver 100 per cent unduplicated reach that is, online would be entirely incremental to TV.

Driving TV/online duplication
Duplication can be important if advertisers know that exposure to advertising on one platform drives better advertising performance on the other platform. So, for a multi-screen campaign with 70 per cent TV reach and 30 per cent online reach, the ideal would be to have all 30 per cent of your online campaign reach overlap or duplicate TV ie, the total reach would be 70 per cent, with 30 points of duplication.

Measuring the impact
Agencies are beginning to use new tools to address the challenge of integrated multi-screen campaign planning, buying and measurement.

  • Improved planning tools and data sets: Agencies can now use cross-channel planning tools with fused TV and online audience data sets that enable them to plan which websites to use to either add incremental reach to TV or maximize TV/online duplication.
  • Real-time bidding: RTB is the big new trend in digital audience buying. Agencies are now able to bid on only those digital audiences that are unlikely to have seen the TV version of an ad or vice versa. This is, obviously, key to maximising reach or duplication.
  • Cross-platform audience measurement: Measuring the reach, frequency and gross rating points (GRPs) and duplicated and unduplicated delivery of your TV and online campaigns is essential. Without it, there is no easy way to improve results.