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Ask the expert: I represent a FMCG company. How much portion of my budget should be via programmatic at this point?

Ideally 100 per cent and that’s because programmatic is about delivering relevant ads to your customer with data insights. However, if your data is not clean or if you do have your messaging set up to react with customized messages or if you are only using one medium then you should work on getting your foundations right before you devote your budgets to programmatic. Traditionally, programmatic has been used for direct response, however, there are now capabilities that allow brands to buy TV or web TV that links with digital buys. It is also worthwhile to test different trading desks, platforms before you take the leap. Other investments to consider is putting in place multi touch attribution and applying ad verification technologies that verifies ads viewability and delivery. There is no hard and fast rule about when or how you should spend on programmatic. Given its huge potential, if it certainly worthwhile to continue to test and see which medium, channel, device, publisher works for the different campaign objectives. Let the data drive your decisions, and you should feel a lot more confident about allocating all of your budgets to programmatic.

Janice Chan

Janice Chan is Senior Director of Digital Marketing at Starwood Asia Pacific.