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B2B Influencer Marketplace, InfluencerActive’s Big Debut

In the broad digital or a more focussed social media space, ‘influencers’ is near synonymous to platforms such as Instagram, YouTubers and TikTok creators. While these consumer-oriented channels have been generating engagement for some time, business focused influencers have largely flown beneath the radar.

On sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter, for example, business leaders, executives, coaches and even CEOs have been quietly building networks of influence that regularly reach millions of people across the world. But until now, there has been no easy way for B2B (business to business) brands to engage and activate business influencers.

“The launch of InfluencerActive will change the influencer marketing game for business to business brands,” says Gavin Heaton, one of the founders of the InfluencerActive platform in a press statement, adding, “Our focus has been on curating a cadre of what we call ‘hyper-networked’ individuals – real professionals who have a vested interest in their professional network and the ability to generate high levels of engagement.”

Social Networks Power At Work
InfluencerActive is the first marketplace where marketing managers, brands and agencies can work directly with influencers. “Often the marketing message is passed through many hands – becoming diluted in the process”, explains Mr Heaton. InfluencerActive gives the options to book an influencer directly, making the content to screen process faster.

The marketplace allows influencers to play to their strengths. For example, Talal Al Murad can engage his LinkedIn followers to generate awareness for your product across a range of industries – regularly notching up over 500,000 views for innovation oriented posts and a sometimes staggering 9 million+ views in the area of personal development and creativity.

The press statement adds: “Brands, business owners or even individuals can book well known executive coach, Zeta Yarwood for a speaking engagement, have a product featured by Indian fashion and style blogger, Piya Saini, or bring a wellbeing and leadership focus to your services with Sonia McDonald. You could even launch a new product through LinkedIn Power Profile and Most Influential Agency Voice in Asia Pacific Anthony J James’ 1 million+ followers.”

Scale Campaigns
InfluencerActive has just registered its 100th influencer on the platform. But it’s the domain expertise that makes a difference.

“Our influencers come from a broad range of industries. From advertising and marketing through consulting, real estate, retail and tourism. For us, it’s about generating conversation and engagement. Our influencers understand what it takes to create interest and generate demand. And they come with a global audience – we’re already in 11 countries,” explained Mr Heaton.

InfluencerActive argues that the platform is the end of interruption marketing, quoting examples such as sponsored posts in news feeds.

“I’ve seen branded content fall flat, while the simplest video quickly sails through 1 million views. We know what works because we see it every day. When you work with influencers like Sonia, Piya and me, you’re getting the professional network as well as the professional expertise – at a rate that you won’t believe,” Mr James, one of the platform’s early adopters, added.