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Bollywood & Humour: Two hooks for online viewers in India in 2013

Trailers of Bollywood movies ruled the list of Trending Videos in India, as per the special report released by YouTube. Sequels of Krishh and Dhoom franchise garnered almost 33 million views, getting featured in the top two positions. Of the top ten, four videos were spoofs and of the comic genre.
As has been the trend, viewers in India are loyal to Bollywood. This has perhaps given way to trailers release on YouTube being marked as an important event in the promotion of movies in India. A longer version of theatrical trailers and teaser videos of movies find place on YouTube. Besides, being present in the online format allows longer duration of teasers or trailers to be showcased, giving more freedom to creative minds to go beyond a 30 second limit, establish more room for communication and create opportunities of being viral – the dream of every creative director.
Among the top trending videos, there featured a video compiling the ten best catches in cricket history; this was no surprise for a nation obsessed with cricket. Two other videos under the adventure genre included the one where a jaguar attacks a crocodile, released by National Geographic and another one of a Russian hovercraft landing on a busy beach.
Another interesting feature released this year by YouTube is that of a quick recap of all the defining moments on video in India, in an interactive manner. Users can select a category and watch videos around it, with popular tags including Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar, Bollywood, cooking and emotional videos.
The list compiled by YouTube helps delve into the video consumption habits of the online viewer. Almost one-third of the YouTube viewers in India access videos on their mobiles and spend over 48 hours a month on the website.