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Bonsey Jaden Group boosts leadership team

Bonsey Jaden has appointed a new Group Chief Operating Officer, as well as a Director of Strategy & Planning.

As the first full-time employee at Bonsey Jaden, Taryn Mook has risen through the ranks to the hard-earned position of Group Chief Operating Officer, having personally and professionally grown with the agency. From client management, recruitment, pitching, finance, operations and branding the agency, her experience has been deep and broad.

In her new role, Mook hopes to close the gap between branding and communication services by transforming the way brands are built and change the perception that branding only happens in a branding studio among a rare group of exclusive specialists.

“My priority is to continue building momentum in providing clients data-driven brand experiences, from both a positioning and operational perspective,” shared Mook. “We will be making some key changes to the organisation’s structure and service offerings in the next six months, as we evolve into a more modular and agile business that allows us to truly deliver on our promise of being digital brand architects.”

While Bonsey Jaden flourishes under the watchful eye of a new Group COO, they also welcome a new face to the role of Director of Strategy & Planning, Scott Nelson. A seasoned, multi-disciplinary strategist, Nelson’s responsibilities consist of leading their diverse client base with digital first brand strategies and experiences that deliver on distinct business goals. Overseeing a diverse team across the region, he doesn’t believe in the “planner, creative, suit” mentality; instead looking at the entire experience and what it means for the client’s business, rather than simply delivering a campaign.

“I’m excited about building a diverse team of planners and strategists who aren’t only Ad, Tech or Brand people, but a team who believes in the power of well-designed brand experiences—media-based or otherwise,” said Nelson.

On the topic of appointments and movements, Daniel Posavac, CEO of Bonsey Jaden shared, “Taryn has been with us from day one, and it is my greatest pleasure to see her in a place where she can continue to effectively help us develop our agency and innovate the way our business is run. Her vision, tenacity and dedication has been a spark from day one, and I am confident our operation is in the best possible hands”.

He continues, “We are also thrilled to have Scott on board leading the Strategy & Planning team. His understanding of clients’ brand and digital needs in the current landscape will help us to continue evolving and delivering the most impactful and successful brand experiences for our clients.”

Finally, he adds, “I am incredibly excited about the next phase of growth for Bonsey Jaden. We are now building on over 5 years of experience across Asia and beyond, and our team continues to grow stronger and more effective as digital brand architects, and partners to our clients.”

Bonsey Jaden welcomed its first clients in 2014 and have been providing a comprehensive range of digital branding services across nine markets with clients from all over Asia and as far as the United States.