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Brands mine social insights

Brand owners including Mondelez International and Ford are leading the way in drawing more precise and applicable insights from the vast quantity of data available on social media. To coordinate the social media activity of its 150 brands, Mondelez International has launched the “mPulse Lab”, which collates information from various data streams and tracks engagement levels.

“What we’re asking now is: How do these channels work together? How do you build an effective ecosystem?” Bonin Bough, Mondelez’s vice president, global media and consumer engagement, told DigiDay. Built via an alliance with Expion, the enterprise social media specialist, the mPulse Lab system will help determine which aspects of posts and messages encourage a response among consumers.

The results of this process are now being used by Mondelez to sharpen its communications across media channels, including on TV, where the firm’s spots have doubled in effectiveness. “We’re looking to create the right tools and processes so that we can distribute them to our agency partners or other partners to use,” Bough said. “We can figure out how and when each brand should take action based on the attributes of each brand, its entire media plan, business objectives and overall spend.”

Ford, the automaker, boasts 33 different nameplates under its Ford and Lincoln marques, and around 80 pages on Facebook alone, meaning it faces similar challenges. It is utilising Marketing Cloud, a piece of software developed by Salesforce, to handle this output, and has a common model in place for using social media applying to its entire operations.

Scott Monty, global head of social media at Ford, said: “One of the things we’re working on is aligning the company on social in ways that go beyond marketing, customer service and communications.” “The need for social for product development, human resources, IT and other functions is becoming apparent … When we’re tasked with reporting to senior management, we need the numbers to be consistent.”

Alongside allowing for enhanced measurement and the sharing of best practices, Ford is hoping that its use of innovative technologies will facilitate improved communications between teams. Monty said: “We need to get these systems better integrated with each other and the Ford infrastructure, to ensure that we’re getting the right issues to the right teams.”

Published with permission from WARC