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Brands need to be “enablers” in a mobile-first India

With increase in smart phone penetration in India, advertisers must step up to find strategies that will attract consumers in the mobile-first India. At Digital Market Asia’s initiative to galvanise mobile marketing, Mobillion India 2015, industry veterans discussed how brands should prepare for a mobile-first India.

Gurmit Singh, Managing Director of Yahoo India stated that there is revolution every six months in the mobile world. Therefore, in order to connect with its consumers, brands need to adjust the pace of technological evolution in mobile accordingly.

Telecom operators have also seen the enthusiasm in the market as Harsh Saxena, Head of Marketing of Non-Voice Services at Tata Teleservices pointed out instances where brands have expressed their willingness to go mobile, but first they must study the attributes of the mobile-first India.

“Consumers on the go are expecting brands to communicate with them while they are on the move.” “Brand communication has redefined ‘www’ as Wherever, Whenever and Whoever, and not World Wide Web through the use of mobile,” added Ashok Lalla, Global Head of Digital Marketing at Infosys.

Digital marketing has given birth to social media marketing at a large scale as brands are increasingly adopting the social media route to gain traction from consumers. And this calls for real-time interaction with the consumer as digital has reduced the turnaround time manifolds, according to Mr Saxena.

Mr Lalla reiterated the sentiment that in a mobile-first community, brand communication has to be consumer-centric rather than brand-centric. When developing a mobile application, brands must make an effort to drive context for the consumer rather than for the brand. “Brands must ask themselves if they can be an enabler and work with a longer-term view,” added Mr Lalla.

Going forward, it is critical that brands design marketing campaign keeping in mind the device, consumer and content. Brands need to strike a seamless correlation between these attributes when marketing on mobile and that will help the brands gain visibility in the market and differentiate itself from the brand clutter in the mobile universe.

Consumers will continue to look for new and innovative trend and digital is guilty for reducing the attention span of the consumer. Therefore, brands have to take care that its strategies are in sync with the mobile-first India.