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Bubble-popping refreshment for China

To mark its launch in the China market, Perrier, the premium refreshment beverage, came up with a fun and engaging bubble-popping web and mobile game called ‘Liberate and Win’ that encourages players to open up themselves and let out their inhibitions.

Created by Ogilvy & Mather Advertising, Shanghai (O&M), the game engages players with addictive bubble-popping, in which the goal is to burst as many bubbles as possible and thereby winning prizes.

“Perrier has a history of pairing the brand with dynamic digital experiences. We hope players will enjoy our first digital campaign in China that will keep them engaged and on the tips of their fingers as they experience Perrier’s fun and refreshing brand personality both in-game and in real-life,” said Teresa Leong, International Brands Marketing Manager, Nestlé Sources Shanghai Ltd.

“It’s often the simplest games that are the most addictive. This one is designed to appeal to young white-collar professionals in China who might feel like they are living in a bubble – constricted by work and social pressures. The game gives them a chance to virtually liberate themselves through bubble-popping and physically open up through the arts in fashion, music, dance and photography,” said Graham Fink, Chief Creative Officer of O&M China.

Rahul Raj

Rahul is the Senior Correspondent for Digital Market Asia. He is a young journalist with a passion for photography.