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Content marketing to be additive not invasive

As advancements in the digital market continue to enthrall consumers, content marketing has emerged to be of great importance to the marketers. Following this suit, Microsoft adopted the theme of content marketing in the digital space for the relaunch of its portal—MSN. As a part of its preview in India, which is one of its core markets, Microsoft invited experts from the industry to explore the challenges and opportunities in content marketing in India.

Adam Anger, Microsoft Asia Pacific

Adam Anger, Microsoft Asia Pacific

Adam Anger, General Manager, Advertising and Online, Asia-Pacific, Microsoft reminded that we are living in a device dependent world and the devices that consumer use are constantly evolving. The challenge for publishers will be to deliver services that are going to deliver value across different devices that people carry.

Among the various digital devices, mobile phones have the widest reach. Marketers who are not reaching out to mobile users run the risk of losing a large share of the market. Further, India is also leading the mobile game across the world, according to industry experts.

Anita Nayyar, Havas Media Group. “

Anita Nayyar, Havas Media Group

“We are all getting digital ready, we have no option but to adapt as the world is moving. In India, mobile, internet and smartphone penetration is on a roll. We have to try and see how to seamlessly integrate content across all different platforms,” said Anita Nayyar, Chief Executive Office for India and South Asia at Havas Media Group.

“We are at the play to create compelling consumer experience. Job of marketers is to connect with users, which is their target audience at the right time and on the right device. We as media publishers have the responsibility to innovate and bring that connection between marketers and consumers much more easily,” said Mr Anger.

On the other end, which is the branding at a multiscreen level, seamless movement across screen is foremost for the consumer. The main task for advertisers is going to be aggregating content on a single platform and keep the consumer engaged.


Kartik Iyer, Carat Media Services India

Kartik Iyer, Carat

Kartik Iyer, Managing Director at Carat Media Services India believes that, “the consumer is looking at two things – content and convenience. Engagement of the consumer is crucial because a lot of times we miss out on a consumer, if he is not interested. Advertisers have the challenge to make the content much more relevant.”

“India is soon expected to overcome the challenge in terms of technology infrastructure for mobile. But the other challenge is to create relevant content which is more amenable for cross platform distribution,” said Amitesh Rao, Director of Brand and Media at MTS. India is little bit behind on the content creation curve, but we need to get past it. This will need creativity and imagination from the content makers, he added.

Amitesh Rao, MTS.

Amitesh Rao, MTS

Nevertheless, the job of the marketer does not end with content creation; he has to make sure that the specific message is apt for multiscreen communication. “On the brand engagement perspective, adaptability of the message of the brand on the screen is also prime so that the consumer enjoys smooth movement across different platforms of communication, pointed Ms Nayyar.

Mr Iyer dwelled further into consumers’ psychology and said “consumer does not access the web for advertisement but for content, so the brands have to be the positioners or the enabler for content”. A user accesses digital services for content that is relevant, so brands have the responsibility to maintain the fine balance between providing meaningful content and advertising as a brand.


Sanjay Trehan , MSN India

Sanjay Trehan , MSN India

Sanjay Trehan , Head of MSN India, Microsoft concluded the session saying that content publishers and advertisers cannot ignore the aspect of multi-screen adaptability of the message for the product. Throughout the course of the day, the user is moving across various platform and advertisers have to effective employ cross-platform marketing to reach this audience. They have to make sure that the message is adaptable to the large screen that is the web now.

Through MSN, Microsoft seeks to provide brands an automatic platform to connect with the consumers. Brands need to create engaging content and then smartly integrate that into relevant consumer experiences. Brands should ensure that their advertising is an additive force and not an invasive one.

The conversation between the digital leaders was taking place in Gurgaon in India at a MSN Executive breakfast briefing, powered by Digital Market Asia.