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Content that clicks: Share-worthy, simple, disruptive

With advancements in technology, advertisers and brands are under constant pressure to innovate not only in terms of advertising strategies but also on content. Brands across the board such as travel, FMCG (fast moving consumer goods), lifestyle, etc are required to develop content that blends with the digital technologies and connect with the consumers as well.

The digital audience is different in the manner that it is looking for information online. “Therefore, the problem of getting the consumer on the digital platform is solved. After that, the challenge is offering the consumer something that the other brands are not offering,” said Deepali Naair, Chief Marketing Officer of Mahindra Holidays.

Tracing the evolution of the digital age, it has emerged that everyone with access to a digital medium is a content developer. “Therefore, there is a need for curator to see the ‘right’ content that meets the branding objectives of the brand and revolves it,” pointed Charulata Ravi Kumar, Chief Executive Officer of Razorfish.

Sujatha V Kumar, Category Director – Marketing at Coca-Cola India explained that branded content must have the three requisites – share-worthy, simple and disruptive. The content should hold the attention of the consumer and prompt him to share it with others. Further, it should be easy to comprehend that everyone perceives the message the same way it is intended and at the same time be disruptive, according to Ms Kumar.

This further reiterated the trend that brands are transforming into publishers. “Consumer should look at brands as if they are offering a service rather than a product, it should answer queries of the consumer, and create a hub of content around the passion and the interests of the consumer,” explained Zaheer Travadi , Digital Media Manager of Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

Social media has given power to consumer to drive content even when the need is not generated by the brand. In such as scenario, the content may be positive or negative. Amarjit Singh Batra, Chief Executive Officer of OLX shared an illustration of such user generated content – following the campaign of ‘Mauka Mauka’ around the ICC Cricket World Cup where Pakistan does get the chance to celebrate with fire cracker, a user created a meme saying, “Patakhe? OLX pe bech de!”.

The importance of personalised and customised content cannot be emphasised enough. Ms Naair added, “the brand must be able to map the experience journey of the consumer and create content accordingly.” In the digital age, content must serve as a hub of user’s passion.