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Content the undisputed champ

Consumer’s time spent on digital today is more than ever. In the past year, an average 4 hours of each day is used surfing the net via the PC. Consider how many more hours can be added on if you count the surfing of the web included tablets and smartphones. The reality is consumers are likely spending more time on the web than they are working out, taking a bath, or both at the same time. 

With all that time on the web, we visit different sites and do different things. But one thing is in common. We are all consuming content. Through digital, we consume the latest news headlines, look for more information via search, and kill time by watching videos, play games, and listen to music. We even share our personal experiences socially, and our friends take in this information as content. Bill Gates famous quote “Content is King” has become ever more relevant in today’s dynamic, fast pace changing landscape. The digital age has facilitated this increasing consumption of everything in information – or what we call content. Brands need to recognize this and for some, they have. Branded content is about storytelling, and the great story tellers will always recognize the long lasting benefits gained from a great story. With the word “viral” and “social” constantly popping up in marketer’s conversations, content integration could be the key in driving them. It isn’t just good enough anymore to have a brand or corporate website that tells consumers the straight facts. For some, they don’t even like to leave the page they are on and ask the question, “why can’t I get the content on the site I’m already putting my time on anyways?” Through content integration, marketers tell a fascinating story in a space in time that consumers are already actively engaged.

Stories are typically easier to understand, retell and pass along. Brands that tell stories showcase themselves to consumers in new perspectives. Take for example a typical supermarket that sells products to consumers. In understanding consumers ever consumption of content, cooking tips can be produced and placed where the consumers are consuming content. This is exactly what Wellcome Supermarket accomplished in Hong Kong. Leveraging the fact that consumers wanted more than just products and with Chinese New Year fast approaching, an online video cooking program was developed to promote their own original branded products “Yu Pin King / 御品皇”. Wellcome Supermarket understood that Chinese New Year stood for “spending quality time with families and friends…to gather at each other’s homes to celebrate during the festive season”. To engage with their consumers, Wellcome Supermarket produced and shared a weekly online video cooking program on a top Hong Kong news portal. 4 weeks before Chinese New Year, and each week subsequently, a new episode was launched leading up to the big day. Families received new ideas to cook with their loved ones and Wellcome Supermarket recorded positive results on several metrics.

Now this content lives and breathes within their Facebook page for others to watch and share https://www.facebook.com/wellcome.supermarket/app_321948117841824. Marketers will say this is the year of the mobile, or the year of social or the year the industry breaks through and puts double digit percentages of their ad dollars into digital. But the one thing we cannot ignore is that the consumption of content continues to increase and there is no end to this tunnel. It’s a great time for marketers to get back to the basics and tell great stories and create experiences that can truly be shared for time to come. In this ring, content definitely is the champ.