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Cos to spend $22 million on marketing through mobile

A heartening news for mobile marketers and mobile marketing solution providers. The average global company is expected to spend anywhere between USD 13 million to USD 22 million on marketing via the mobile device. This was revealed in a study by Tata Consultancy Services.

The study titled ‘The New Digital Mobile Consumer: How Large Companies are Responding’ stated that during 2012, the average-size company with USD 11.2 billion in annual revenue will spend between USD 13 million and USD 22 million to market, sell and service digital mobile consumers through their mobile devices. Also by 2015, investment levels will rise to between USD 22 million and USD 26 million annually.

Talking about the trend N Chandrasekaran, MD & CEO, TCS, said, “The digital consumer is an exciting and complex customer segment that global corporations have to understand and engage with. These consumers are diverse in their need, their interactions are flexible and often conducted ‘in motion’. Keeping their attention means being able to serve their dynamic needs by leveraging the power of digital and mobile technologies to engage with them.”

Interestingly companies in Asia Pacific will spend more on reaching out to consumer via digital and mobile media. In this region on an average, companies will spend $2.41 million per $1 billion revenue, while $1.43 million will be spent in North America, $1.59 million in Europe and $1.63 million in Latin America, the study said.

“Businesses addressing this smart consumer segment must collect high quality data to understand them in real time; engage them in new and innovative ways; and reinforce their relationships through flawless technology interactions,” Chandrasekaran added.

The study further showed that with consumers increasingly making their mobile device the tool for research, shopping and bill payments, companies are designing and delivering a greater number of their marketing campaigns for mobile devices. In fact by 2015, the levels of investment are expected to grow with spending per $1 billion revenue increasing to $2.85 in Asia-Pacific.