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Coway launches campaign to purify over 1mn Malaysian homes

A new campaign devised by Grey Malaysia marks a significant landmark for Korean brand Coway – one million customers in Malaysia.

Made in collaboration with production company Directors Think Tank, the new film follows the journey of water and air as they travel through different generations of homes; showcasing the world-class technology that Coway employs in all of its products.

The move follows greater than expected sales figures in the wake of their latest product Ombak, a water purifier made specially to cater for the diverse needs of the modern Malaysian family.

Says Ryan Jung, Coway Head Of Marketing, “We have been an integral part of the Malaysian family home for more than a decade. We visit thousands of homes every day, ensuring all of our products are in peak condition at all times. In 2019, we are now part of One Million Malaysian Homes, it’s a very humbling, proud moment for all of us at Coway.”

Says Grey Malaysia ECD Graham Drew, “One million customers is a tremendous achievement. Now, Malaysians are all united by the water and air they drink and breathe. Coway is a deeply personal brand that understands what Malaysian truly needs. We wanted to show the impact of the services that Coway has provided since.”

“To achieve healthy living, quality drinking water and clean air are both vital in this day and age. For the film, I felt it was important to create a seamless transition, connecting one scene to another – a visual cue to show that water and air are an integral part of our lives; highlighting the importance of living pure. I also wanted the film to feel atmospheric and fluid – through a combination of motion-control camera arm and strategic visual compositing, we were able to produce a brand film that is one of its kind,” said Sling Ng from Directors Think Tank.

The integrated campaign will be launched across cinema, TV, social media and other outdoor touch points.