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Data pick of the day: 1 in 3 foodies use food/restaurant apps

The apps in the food/restaurant category have helped some restaurant chains increase consumer engagement while also making their food delivery processes better. GlobalWebIndex’s data shows that these apps have seen impressive growth in recent years among consumers who identify as foodies.

The data further shows that usage of food apps among this group has increased by around 70 per cent since 2014, to its current standing of 34 per cent. Restaurant review apps such as Yelp make an important part of the food/restaurant app industry.

GWI’s data also suggests that the impact of gig-economy food apps like Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Postmates in Western markets and the likes of Ele.me in China is also helping to drive figures here. Companies like these have quickly created a new market for high-quality convenience food delivery in urban areas and helped restaurants connect to even more consumers.