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Data pick of the day: Social wins over website for news brands

With the increasing popularity of social, even major news brands find more users coming from the medium than their own websites. According to GlobalWebIndex’s survey, across 25 named online news publishers, 44 per cent of users say they have seen their stories or videos via social media in the last month as compared to the publishers’ own websites and apps, at 37 per cent.

It’s key to note that on social media platforms like Facebook, the companies have put steps in place to render ad-blockers ineffective, something which the publishers themselves find it difficult to do on their own properties without restricting access.

GWI also found that curated news aggregators are attracting a decent number of consumers despite having been around for a comparatively much shorter period of time. These apps allow users to target a variety of interests across multiple sources, making them a particular hit among younger cohorts.