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Data pick of the day: 27% online users willing to pay for music

What is the kind of digital content that online users are willing to purchase? The question has been a taxing one for various businesses, especially the entertainment businesses for a while now. Not only because there was lack of content exclusive to the web, but also because free content was easily available. However, it appears that music downloads can teach a thing or two to other entertainment businesses.

A study from Global Web Index indicates that online users are most likely to consider purchasing music downloads.

At 27 per cent, music downloads tops a list of more than 15 different options. A closer look at the demographics indicate that it’s 25-34s, males and high income respondents that are most willing to pay for this.

Overall, only a third of internet users say they wouldn’t consider paying for any type of digital content. This varies significantly between markets, though: internet users in Vietnam are the most amenable to parting with their money, whereas those in Japan, the Netherlands and France are the least keen on doing this.

GWI internet-users-willing-to-pay-for-music-downloads