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Data pick of the day: 64% 16-24s watch TV on a traditional set

With the emergence of TV streaming devices and the rise of OTT apps in the recent years, the TV content viewing habits have changed considerably. Smartphones and tablets have been added to the mix of TV watching devices along with the traditional TV set.

When it comes to multi-devices, GlobalWebIndex highlights that while it is easy to assume that 16-24s would be the most likely to watch across multiple screens, it is in fact, both 25-34s (2.20) and 35-44s (2.09) are using more TV devices on average. Not only are younger internet users less likely to watch on traditional TV sets, they fail to pull ahead of those older age groups for watching on mobile and computers. Tablets also play a role in driving up the average for 25-34s and 35-44s.

Yet while younger consumers are less likely to be watching via TV sets, GWI’s data shows that they are not abandoning them as 64 per cent of 16-24s still watch TV on a traditional set. Meanwhile, older consumers decidedly prefer TV sets for viewing TV content.