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Desktop pre-roll remained king in Southeast Asia in Q1: Study

Desktop pre-roll continues to be the preferred ad format for advertisers in Southeast Asia, most notably in Thailand and Vietnam where it saw 90 per cent of impression share, according to TubeMogul’s quarterly report.

Southeast Asia continues to see upward growth and all countries covered in the report experienced growth in mobile inventory over the prior quarter.

The report highlights that SE Asian advertisers were split in choosing between 30-second ads to 15-second ads. Half of the countries, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand, all saw more 15-second impressions.

Along side the growth in inventory, half of the countries also saw a decline in CPM quarter over quarter.

In Japan, pre-roll inventory is up by 30 per cent year over year to over 126 million daily auctions in Q1 2016. Mobile inventory is up 126 per cent on a quarter over quarter basis and is also up over 242 per cent since last year. Mobile completion rates in Japan are up 24 per cent since Q4 2015 and are up 34 per cent from Q1 2015. Pre-roll ads saw a dip of five per cent quarter over quarter and have an average completion rate of 60 per cent.

Duration of pre-roll ads in Japan has fluctuated as the 15-second spots which accounted for 22 per cent of impressions a year ago, now make up 55 per cent of impressions.

The Australian market witnessed an increase in the ad inventory across premium, mobile and display. Desktop saw a marginal decline from Q1 2015 but still accounts for significant scale at 251M available impressions daily.

Mobile inventory was consistent from last quarter and could be a sign of it maturing, the report found. On an annual basis, mobile continues to show rapid growth and usage is strong with 22 per cent of all campaigns in Q1 involving a Mobile component. The mix of 15-second and 30-second ads has changed over time. This quarter saw an all time high for 15-second spots on desktop which account for 66 per cent. While this would normally impact completion rates positively, they dipped slightly as some sophisticated clients shift optimisation strategies to focus on viewability and on-target audience as primary objectives.

Taylor Schreiner, VP of Research of TubeMogul says, “Despite the introduction of new ad formats, Southeast Asian advertisers are still addicted to the tried and true options available via desktop pre-roll. Even though Southeast Asian markets are prolific users of mobile, maturation of this market remains challenged by data limitations despite inventory increasing and CPMs decreasing across the region.”

Shubhi Tandon

Shubhi Tandon is the Assistant Editor at Digital Market Asia. Fascinated by the evolving digital media industry, she has focussed on tracking developments in the Asia Pacific market since 2014.