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Embrace the digital revolution

The Digital Revolution has changed marketing but have marketers kept up with the change? “Like our Facebook page to receive more updates on our latest offers and promos” – this is what one bank put on their FB page. This was a condition set to entering a Facebook Page of the bank where they can expose their marketing programs and offers. I found it strange – aren’t you suppose to click on the like button only if you like something? But how do you like something before you see it? I wonder what the agency was thinking when it did this for the bank?

Digital today is a must embrace for all marketers. The question is – do they know why and what for? This seems to be a perennial question and often attempted to be answered by agencies. Platforms like Facebook give consumers and brands alike an opportunity to interact, converse and get to know each other. It provides a platform for marketing to take on a whole new realm right in the heart of consumer culture. It provides valuable information to brands to better understand their customers. However, that’s only possible if you have 2 things in my opinion – a strong technology solution to enable you to capture, analyze and capitalize on customer data from the web or a great partner that can help you do just that.

There is an explosion of data on the web today. Information Technology is a pivotal piece to a marketer’s success. It’s not just about creativity but also about how you leverage technology to enable your brand to scale engagement across different mediums, how you converse on the web and how you collect and analyze data to better serve your customers. IT and Marketing need to partner more than they ever needed to before. According to Gartner’s Mark Breyer, “By 2015, organizations that build a modern information management system will outperform their peers financially by 20 percent.”

Marketing as we know it is changing. No big secret. Big data on the web is pervasive. Harnessing that data will allow us to better understand our customers, their behaviours and anticipate their needs. Brands that get that will succeed and will be better able to tell their stories of love, of life and of laughter. Getting your customers to like your FB page makes no sense unless you harness the power of the information you collect. So as fast as the marketing discipline is changing – are marketers actually keeping up?