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Facebook rolls out new shopping ad format ‘Collection’

Facebook has launched a new shopping ad format called Collection for marketers which will help them drive retail sales on mobile. The Collection ad format allows marketers to have a video/image on top of the ad with four more products from the retailer showing below it.

“Mobile has reshaped how people discover, learn and ultimately buy from businesses. 45 per cent of all shopping journeys now contain a mobile action, but most mobile shopping experiences aren’t great. Long load times on mobile websites can lead to friction and drop-offs along the path to purchase,” said Facebook in a blog post.

When a user clicks on the ad, it will lead to an immersive, fast-loading shopping experience on Facebook that can showcase up to 50 products at a time. Clicking on a product will lead to a product detail page on a business’ website or app to purchase.

Brands such as Adidas and Tommy Hilfiger are already using the format. Facebook claims that Adidas saw a 5.3x return on ad spend when it used the new ad format to drive sales for its new hoodie and complementary products, while Tommy Hilfiger saw a 2.2x higher return on ad spend.

“This new ad format has everything we need to introduce a new product and drive sales. We used Collection to showcase a video highlighting the technical features of the Z.N.E. Road Trip Hoodie. People who tapped on the ad were instantly taken to a full-screen shopping experience that included complementary adidas products to complete the look. Collection has outstanding cross-selling capabilities, and we’ll certainly explore this new format again to inspire and increase sales,” said Rebecca Watts, Performance Marketing Senior Specialist, Adidas.

Avery Baker, Chief Brand Officer, Tommy Hilfiger said, “Our mission was to democratise the runway and make every look immediately available to all consumers worldwide. We took our video assets to the next level, through integrating shopping functionality. Collection creates a consumer experience that reflects how current generations of digital natives interact with their favorite brands. The results exceeded expectations, generating an ROI increase of over 200 per cent.”

Facebook is also going to test a new outbound clicks metrics in Collection as well as Canvas. Collection is rolling out globally to all marketers.

Shubhi Tandon

Shubhi Tandon is the Assistant Editor at Digital Market Asia. Fascinated by the evolving digital media industry, she has focussed on tracking developments in the Asia Pacific market since 2014.