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Google on board Digital India with proposal of Google Fiber

Google Fiber, Google’s broadband network is all set to enter India to contribute further to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Digital India initiative which seeks to connect 2.5 lakh panchayats under the umbrella of broadband connectivity by end of 2016. This New Year, India is geared to get a technological makeover with Google Fiber which will develop a fiber cable network across the length and the breadth of the country.

Google is in talk with the Indian Government’s Ministry of Information Technology to take the project further but speculation surround the feasibility of setting up such a project in India, as it will have to first clear licensing road blocks in India. Discussions with the IT Ministry will reveal if Google can take the project further without obtaining a license.

Like any Internet Service Provider in India, Google might have to participate in the auction where the price of license can shoot up. Else the alternative for Google is to partner with an existing Internet Service Provider in India.

The project was first launched in Kansas City in February 2014 to provide faster internet connectivity to smaller areas. Later it announced that it will expand the Google Fiber network to 34 other cities in US, according to a blog post by Google. “Google Fiber starts with a connection that’s up to 100 times faster than today’s basic broadband speeds,” it said on the website.

Besides the licensing, another major challenge for Google’s broadband services project will be covering the wide geography of India. Tech giant Facebook is already in talks of testing solar powered drones in India in 2015 to improve internet connectivity and get the large chunk of population with no internet access online.

“Logistics will not pose as a challenge for Google,” said Vineet Gupta, Managing Director of 22feet Tribal Worldwide. A company like Google which has developed a feature like Google Maps in India, will not have any problem in setting up a broadband network in India.

Google’s broadband connection in India can improve the internet connectivity in the country by leaps and bounds and the project is critical for Google if it wants to connect the next billion to internet. Hence, the new broadband services by Google will be a win-win situation for both. Indian consumers can look forward to internet speed of one GBPS which certainly gives them a reason to cheer this New Year.