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Havas Ortega, CNN Philippines partner on a HIV/AIDS series

Havas Ortega has partnered with CNN Philippines for a new series on HIV/AIDS. As part of this partnership, CNN will use the data and insights from the agency’s proprietary research – Millennial Codes – for its five-part special feature called Positive/Negative: HIV & AIDS In The Philippines, leading to the World AIDS Day on 1st December.

Millennial Codes is a result of a 2-year in-depth ethnography study of Millennials living in 11 cities and 8 countries across Asia Pacific. To make this study possible, a team of Anthropologists, Researchers, and Strategic Planners interviewed a total of 1,430 informants to enrich the 130 millennial portraits that formed the basis of the ethnography.

The five-part series of three minutes each is being hosted by news anchor and correspondent Mitzi Borromeo and will be shown as part of CNN’s news programs from Monday to Friday beginning from November 27. The week-long series will culminate in a 22-minute program to be shown on December 2 and 3.

In addition to the research material provided by the Havas Ortega team, Millennial informants who were part of the Millennial Codes study are being featured in this show.

Gayia Beyer, Head of Applied Anthropology at Havas Group Asia Pacific, who led the Millennial Codes study said, “We are delighted that our study has found an application for a burning social issue, way beyond our original ambition of helping brands understand the millennial demographic. When we presented the findings of the Millennial Codes to Mitzi, she felt that it will deepen and enhance the content of her HIV/AIDS series.”

Commenting on the association with Havas Ortega, Mitzi Borromeo, CNN Philippines News Anchor and correspondent said: “Havas Ortega’s Millenial Codes study is extremely relevant and timely, bringing more depth and texture to our story-telling for a wide range of subjects, such as the issue of HIV/ AIDS proliferation in the country.”

Havas Ortega has also partnered with Action for Health Initiatives, a local NGO that has been working on HIV/Aids.

The Philippines has the fastest growing HIV cases in the age bracket 15-24 years.