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How Caltex got a CTR of 40% higher in new campaign

Yahoo was commissioned by leading petrol brand Caltex, part of the Chevron Corporation, to drive awareness of its products in Singapore, particularly among 25-44-year-olds.

The challenge Yahoo faced was three-fold:

Firstly, Yahoo had to create additional visibility for the brand and its products in a highly competitive automotive market.

Yahoo also had to raise awareness and improve the perception of the company’s Techron product technology – a special formulation that’s has been scientifically proven to keep vital engine parts clean and prevent accumulation of grimy deposits – and its loyalty programme, called Plus!

And, lastly, Yahoo were also tasked with influencing sales at the pumps across Singapore.

In order to achieve these wide-ranging objectives, this campaign was one of the first to use all four of Oath’s key solutions at the same time, all geared around a purpose-built content hub, branded Auto Know-How.

These were content marketing (video, copy and infographics) and native advertising (both display and video) to drive engagement, entertainment and education; premium display advertising to boost awareness of the campaign to a wide audience; and targeted advertising to increase sales amongst an already interested audience.

From the outset, Yahoo knew that successful execution would hinge on two key factors; a mobile-first approach – because this best chimed with Singaporean’s consumption habits – and a strong focus on practical information and deals – because we knew this was guaranteed to pique the interest of their target audience.

Overall, the campaign featured 16 pieces of custom content, including articles, videos, infographics, GIFs and cartoons.

All of this content was designed to be easy to digest on mobile, and as a result, 75 per cent of the traffic came from mobile or tablet devices.

In terms of content, Yahoo created a range of articles varying from practical advice (‘Keep your ride in tip-top condition with these nifty tips’) to quirky tales (‘What really goes on in a car wash’) and topical entertainment (‘The new season of Celebrity Car Wars is back’).

Video content featured a taxi Uncle’s top tips for deals and data, along with a ‘Dream Drives’ series spotlighting some of the most desirable motors on the roads. All of the content was then amplified through Yahoo’s social channels.

For the native advertising campaign, which promoted both the text and video content, Yahoo used a range of targeting strategies to expand the overall campaign reach, while also drilling down into interest targeting to reach readers who were already engaged with the automotive sector and age targeting to ensure the relevance of content for the target audience.

Yahoo found that native advertising which drove traffic to articles providing practical tips and advice performed well across the board.

Yahoo also created a range of display ads to push traffic directly to Caltex’s pages, as opposed to the content pages. These included a take-over of the Yahoo login page and Yahoo homepage, with the creative and communication urging readers to click-through to discover more about the financial and performance benefits of using Caltex fuel.

The six-month campaign generated 675,000 video views, 270,000 page views and 156,000 users, each spending an average of almost two-and-a-half minutes on page.

In terms of the native advertising performance for the Auto Know-How’s content offering, the campaign recorded a click through rate that was 40 per cent higher than the industry average.

In addition, the cost per click was achieved at 50 per cent of the recommended industry bid price.

There were equally positive results for the native advertising performance in relation to video content. This helped achieve a completion rate which was twice that of the industry average. For premium display ads, the campaign recorded a click through rate 1.5 times higher than the industry average.

However, the metrics are even more impression when they are assessed in relation to the three core objectives of the campaign, which were evaluated by Kantar Milward Brown.

The first of these was to increase visibility in a crowded market place, and we found that consumer awareness of the brand’s online advertising increased by 20.8 per cent. It was also encouraging that 80 per cent of all visitors to the content hub came from the desired 25 to 44 age bracket, and that 82 per cent of all visitors to the Auto Know-How homepage went on to click through to at least one of the articles.

The second core objective was to boost perception of Caltex’s Techron technology and its Plus! loyalty scheme. Kantar Milward Brown found that the campaign led to a 10 per cent increase in association between Caltex and the perception of a great loyalty programme, while the awareness of Caltex Techron technology increased by 18 per cent.

Furthermore, 21 per cent of respondents who had browsed the content said they would sign up for the Plus! card. Related factors, such as Caltex’s ability to provide great customer service and understand what consumers need, also displayed a positive uplift of 10 per cent and nine per cent respectively.

The final requirement of the campaign was to influence sales and we found that the Auto Know-How site encouraged 34 per cent of all visitors to then go on and learn more about Techron after their visit. Our post-campaign research also reported that 72 per cent of people would revisit the site, 71 per cent would recommend it and, crucially, 71 per cent were now more likely to consider Caltex.

Key learnings

● A mobile-first approach is crucial in Singapore
● Native advertising drives the most efficient clicks, while audience advertising is crucial to retarget users.
● Useful and practical content is highly valued by consumers.
● Short and snappy videos were well-received and achieved high completion rates.