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How Pic’s Peanut Butter tripled their online community in a year

In 2007, the homegrown brand Pic’s Peanut butter started when Pic began making peanut butter in his garage with a concrete mixer, selling it at the local farmer’s market in New Zealand. In 2008, Pic sold 48 jars to his local supermarket. Within a year it was available in 50 outlets around New Zealand. Today the product is shipped to customers around the globe in Australia, UK, USA, Singapore, and Japan. The company tripled its online community in one year with the help of Hootsuite.

Pic’s Peanut Butter engages customers and fans across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with a primary focus on Facebook. The company uses Hootsuite to execute its social media strategy. “Our goal with social media is to increase brand awareness and connect with our customers to help us spread (pun intended) the Pic’s love,” said Nikki Neate, Marketing Manager at Pic’s Peanut Butter.

The company used their social channels and communities to generate word-of-mouth marketing; identify influencers to help spread brand awareness and talk to customers globally, in a targeted way.

By listening to what their customers and fans are saying about the brand, the company identify both user-generated content to share and positive comments to amplify. Tabs and search streams in Hootsuite let them follow along and participate in conversations about the brand. “This opens up conversations I otherwise wouldn’t have found and connects me to new audiences,” says Ms Neate.

Monitoring online conversations for hashtags or keywords through Hootsuite is also how they identify influencers. An influencer could be anyone from a social media practitioner to a blogger who writes about health, fitness, food, or any other topic that relates to Pic’s brand values. Once they narrow down on an influencer—based on the content they’re sharing and the extent of their social influence— Ms Neate hand picks brand ambassadors who can push brand messaging, support regional communities, and broaden Pic’s reach.

Hootsuite Analytics’ customised reports helped Pic’s Peanut Butter track metrics such as retweets, social shares, and the geographical profile of followers. “Measuring performance is something we’ve started doing recently as a part of our social media strategy,” Ms Neate says.

A year ago Pic’s had a community of 3,000 fans across their social profiles – now that count is just over 10,000. Over 11,200 people were reached during a one-day social media campaign. Pic’s got 2,209 likes on a single Facebook post.

“We’re a fast growing company; Hootsuite has enabled us to effectively double our human resources through monitoring, automation, and consolidation. The team at Hootsuite have been very supportive and helpful in setting us up and keeping us going strong,” Ms Neate added.

“Hootsuite helped monitor and amplify user-generated content and positive comments of Pic’s Peanut Butter through social media. We also further boosted the brand’s online following by identifying influencers who were able to broaden Pic’s Peanut Butter’s reach. We are excited to continue this partnership with Pic’s Peanut Butter to help the company align its social media strategy with its expansion plans both domestically and globally,” said Yvonne Tey, Marketing Director of Hootsuite APAC.

Shubhi Tandon

Shubhi Tandon is the Assistant Editor at Digital Market Asia. Fascinated by the evolving digital media industry, she has focussed on tracking developments in the Asia Pacific market since 2014.