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How SIA’s first native social brand video went viral

In a move to generate conversations online on the brand, Singapore Airlines tasked Dentsu Mobius to launch its first native social brand video.

Singapore Airlines was looking to produce the airlines’ first native social brand video where its content would generate conversations online. The target audience was Singapore Airlines’ fans and aviation millennials.

The company launched its first native social brand video – No Detail is Too Small, produced by Dentsu Mobius. The project took American designer Luca Iaconi-Stewart 1,000 hours, 100 manila folders to create 3,000 individual pieces, using 50 X-Acto blades and a full year of planning.

The airlines’ brand pillars of ‘The Lengths We Go To’, attention to detail and luxury craftsmanship inspired the making of an intricate paper A380 model. Matthew Crescenzo, Senior Art Director, Dentsu said, “We discovered papercraft guru, Luca Iaconi-Stewart, who built highly detailed aircraft models entirely out of manila folders. The solution was clear: we would construct the most remarkable paper plane, ever. Singapore Airlines is a world-class airlines and Luca Iaconi-Stewart was very much excited to be part of the project.”

Mr Crescenzo added, “One challenge we faced was creating a media plan that would generate a ‘viral’ result. So we first created a multi-layered, multi-platform campaign anchored by the 2-minute ‘hero’ video, which showcased the building of and final designs of an SIA A380 as well as all five SIA seat classes. Then we had to create stories-about-the-story to boost viewer conversations and trigger PR talking points.”

Besides YouTube, Instagram & Facebook, the campaign was also launched on LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. LinkedIn took a brand-focused approach, amplifying YouTube videos that carried strong craftsmanship messaging. Using insights on our fanbase preferences, Twitter engaged fans and sparked conversation with facts and trivia. Meanwhile, Google+ drew fans in with visual appeal.

The campaign received over 30+ million views across YouTube and Facebook, making it the most successful social campaign for Singapore Airlines to date. Within two hours of its launch, the hero video organically reached over 161,000 fans and 1,300 shares. It garnered over 28.6 million views across YouTube and Facebook and has been covered in 33 news and blog articles so far. On YouTube, it was the brand’s most viewed video and resulted in four times the average weekly growth rate during the launch week, the highest in 2015. On Instagram, it attracted a total of 33,850 reactions and 429 comments. On Facebook, the hero video reached 23 million fans and generated 476,116 reactions, 36,649 comments and 357,476 shares.

Speaking about the learnings that Dentsu took from the success of the campaign, Mr Crescenzo said, “We learned that a good idea with good content does not simply go “viral” by chance. There are a lot of pieces that had to come together in sequence to successfully generate a conversation across social media. Basically, we learned how to tell a story on social media that could be easily adopted by others to tell to their friends and families at dinner time. That’s viral.”

Shubhi Tandon

Shubhi Tandon is the Assistant Editor at Digital Market Asia. Fascinated by the evolving digital media industry, she has focussed on tracking developments in the Asia Pacific market since 2014.