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IAB launches programmatic skills development programme

Interactive Advertising Bureau Singapore (IAB Singapore), Workforce Singapore (WSG) and Economic Development Board (EDB) have launched the Adapt and Grow Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) for Programmatic Advertising to help meet the growing need for talent with programmatic advertising skill sets.

Specialised skills development in digital capabilities is one of the key pillars of the Professional Services Industry Transformation Map. The Adapt and Grow PCP for Programmatic Advertising, which combines classroom and on-the-job training, would help mid-career entrants undergo skills conversion and become certified programmatic advertising professionals. The course was developed through research and interviews with industry stakeholders, ranging from business leaders to graduates from other commercial programmes, to ensure its relevance.

Interested mid-career Singaporean Citizens and PR with two years of work experience may apply, with the first intake slated for early June 2018. Successful candidates will be placed with participating employers and undergo training for 6 months.

Clarence Chua, Director of Professional Services, EDB said, “For Singapore to succeed as a global digital marketing hub, we need to build capabilities with agility in high-growth areas such as programmatic advertising, marketing analytics and creative technologies. In this regard, the Professional Conversion Programme for Programmatic Advertising is a testament to the industry’s leadership and commitment to scaling digital marketing solutions and accelerating the upskilling of our professionals. We look forward to partnering the industry in more of such programmes.”

Kenneth Wong, Director for Creative & Professional Services Division, WSG said, “We encourage employers to tap into the various manpower sources available in the labour market as they strive for sustainable economic growth and meet manpower needs. The development of the Adapt and Grow PCP for Programmatic Advertising is a timely step in the right direction as we help mid-career Singaporeans take on new job opportunities and support the industry to build a robust, highly skilled and sustainable workforce.”

Miranda Dimopoulos, CEO of IAB Singapore said, “The overwhelming majority of our members have told us that talent sourcing, training and development for programmatic are their biggest challenges. IAB Singapore, WSG and EDB have stepped up to deliver with the launch of the Adapt and Grow PCP for Programmatic Advertising. It is key that we listen and tailor our approach not only to our members, but to regional industry requirements as well.”

Laura Greally, Education Director of IAB Singapore noted, “I’ve seen that across the entire ecosystem there is a huge need for talent who understand not only programmatic but also where programmatic fits as part of a wider digital landscape. I’ve seen first-hand the fast-paced evolution of programmatic in this region and I passionately believe that this program will develop the leaders of tomorrow who will continue to innovate, adapt and grow the industry in Singapore.”

Working with a variety of partners across the digital landscape, IAB Singapore has successfully established strong credibility and track record of meaningful work over the years, built upon on the strength of its Board and Committees. Launching the IAB training series in 2014, the organization has trained over 8,000 people in the region, attaining an overall membership satisfaction score of 4.7 out of 5 in 2017. The membership, comprising publishers, creative agencies, media agencies and tech platforms, has grown sevenfold in the last four years, reflecting the importance of digital in the region.