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How to illustrate your WeChat articles perfectly

Visuals are an important part of creating quality content and delivering your message effectively to the right audience. The potential for an increase in audience interest and engagement is immense once you understand the intricacies of creating tailormade content for your business.

Every day businesses are effectively utilising the power of WeChat to connect with their Chinese audience better and as the market becomes more competitive, brands with great and visually appealing content are bound to stand out from the best.

Here are some effective visual formats and examples to help you create the perfect WeChat article.

A GIF is the best format to use to illustrate your WeChat articles and deliver the message in a visually attractive manner. Lighter than a video, they will load quickly and bring motion to illustrate your copy perfectly. You can find tons of GIFs online. However, it is best to create and design your own with a motion designer, to keep the visuals in tone with your brand personality.

Credit: Shilla Duty Free

Finding the perfect picture or visual asset for your brand content can be a challenge. This is where working with an illustrator can come handy to produce the exact visual you have in mind and effectively deliver your message.

Credit: Atout France



Photo montage
They say an image is worth a thousand words, well how about a photo montage? A photo montage is the way to go to illustrate a more complex idea and bring it to life.

Credit: FRANKE 

Stickers are an integral part of the WeChat world and a common way of communicating with today’s Chinese netizens. Don’t stay behind and start building your own custom stickers to communicate in a fun and branded way on WeChat.

Credit: BNP Paribas


QR Code, headers & footers

Some marketers think that QR Codes are not visually appealing, but they are an essential part of the WeChat world and the key for users to access your WeChat account. Make sure to add them in the footer of your WeChat article and keep it interesting with some designs! Also, why not add a nice header in your WeChat article to welcome your readers properly?

Credit: FRANKE


Aurelien Ferrie

In China since 2010, Aurelien FERRIE joined KRDS in 2013 as General Manager - Greater China. With KRDS, he is helping international clients (Air France, Club Med, Louis Vuitton) to grow their visibility on Chinese social media platforms. With a strong experience in sales and marketing, Aurelien quickly became an expert of Chinese social media platforms, especially WeChat, that he consider to be one of the most innovative platform in the world. His ambition is to keep growing his digital expertise and experience to keep offering the most innovative online solutions to brands in China