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In Cannes, everybody wants to be Tesla

If it happens in Cannes, it is literally just a matter of time before it happens in the rest of marketing land. So get ready to go electric.

This is the bleeding edge. The Everest. The tip of the spear. Every year, thousands and thousands of people from advertising, communications and marketing descend upon this wealthy seaside holiday spot in the South of France to try and work out just what it is we should all be impressed by for the next twelve months. After just two days, the results are in: we’re deeply impressed by Tesla.

Agency leaders are impressed by the way Tesla is organised. Product Managers are impressed by the way Tesla designs things. Even the doctor and the engineer who spent 10 years building a solar powered aircraft capable of circumnavigating the globe are impressed by Tesla – and those guys are pretty impressive themselves. Curiously, no-one from Tesla is here in any official capacity (too busy completely redesigning the automotive industry, I suspect), but already they’re casting a long intellectual shadow over Cannes. Expect them to do the same in boardrooms, seminars, slideshare decks and marketing briefs for at least the next 12 months.

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The author, Barrie Seppings, is the Regional Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather Singapore. This article is part of DMA's Cannes Lions coverage. More from Mr Seppings and the team at Ogilvy around the Festival can be found at ogilvydo.com