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India’s ValueFirst gets into mobile with clk2c.com acquisition

Rich media video over mobile phones is an emerging market in India, a solution that brand advertisers are looking into as a significant consumer engagement possibility and subsequent successful conversion from contact into a lead. With this outlook in focus, ValueFirst Digital Media Private Limited, one of India’s digital media solutions and services companies, has acquired mobile video services agency clk2c.com. This deal will enable ValueFirst to offer rich media video solutions via mobile to brand advertisers. clk2c.com (click-to-see) is a business unit of Samadhan Systems, an electronics testing systems developer. The acquisition includes the technology platform, customer and all personnel working in the business unit.

Commenting on the strategy, Vishwadeep Bajaj, CEO, ValueFirst said, “The mobile video platform from clk2c.com is a strategic fit in the ValueFirst portfolio – through this platform we will be able to execute rich media campaigns on our opt-in consumer base on behalf of brands and agencies.” clk2c.com is a mobile video service that offers personalized video mobile messaging and advertising solutions for B2B and B2C marketplace. The services provided by the company target corporates, brand advertisers and consumers for their business or personal communication needs.

According to him, this platform extends digital interactions to include video along with the company’s existing multi-modal reach through SMS, Voice, USSD, E-mail and Display. “As an organization we are constantly striving to delight our customers through enhancing our capability set to deliver high performing digital campaigns. We are confident that brands and agencies will find this rich media video based consumer interaction very useful in conjunction with the large and targeted reach which ValueFirst offers.”

Bajaj plans to leverage the platform and continue to service the existing customers of clk2c.com to grow the relationship with them through additional engagement opportunities. I fact he is also looking to integrate B2C capabilities of the platform, which includes mobile video greetings into FullOnSMS.com, which is a ValueFirst consumer Internet property offering P2P communication.

clk2c.com’s founder Suresh Kabra also said “With ValueFirst’s exceptional reach and hold over the digital domain combined with our mobile marketing expertise we will be able to create a highly engaging space for advertisers and brands to interact with their consumers. It will bring a tremendous opportunity for brands and agencies to expand and leverage their reach. This collaboration will result in brands increasing their recall value and setting themselves deeper into the hearts and minds of the consumer.” With this service brand advertisers can easily reach out to their target consumers by sending them audio-video commercials, power point presentations or any video content to the consumers’ mobile handsets irrespective of the device operating system or the form factor. This