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M&E industry in India: Unlocking top trends

The Indian M&E industry is growing at 15 per cent CAGR and is expected to double in size over the next five years. Almost all the sub-segments are growing in double digits. The existing ones are those in the middle of a consumption trend like on-demand content or beneficiaries of a regulatory push like digitisation.

Here are the five biggest trends to watch out for:

1. OTT
Personalisation of content and delivery and real time access on multiple devices and platforms to make OTT mainstream. Big data through instant consumer analytics to become indispensable

2. Digital content as growth driver
Growth to be driven by digital content in the internet industry in India as it doubles to $250bn in 5 years. Unprecedented proliferation of digital-first media brands like AIB, TVF, etc. Existing traditional media brands may reorient themselves to being digital-only brands. Repurposing widely popular content of the past on digital for consumption across multiple content formats may be a unique sound strategy.

3. Immersive content as lead format
Immersive content (VR/AR) to play an unexpected big role in the future. May become larger than any other format in the years to come.

4. Technology to disrupt more than just content
Technology to continue to disrupt the traditional ways of buying and selling advertising as programmatic, geo-targeting, etc becomes the new normal. TV and digital measurement to converge too as marketers look for platform-agnostic strategies.

5. Convergence of M & E & Technology to undergird everything
With cheap economics dictating the rationale, cloud-based services to drive content faster from creation to consumption thereby re-defining movement, distribution and management of content. Rapid convergence of media, entertainment and technology is interlinking content creation, distribution and consumption experiences.

New media – signifying interplay between technology and media – is where the real excitement is. It offers a range of opportunities in content and platforms across gaming, video and music. Other than that, there are consolidation plays in traditional media like C&S distribution, film exhibition etc.

Piyush Sharma

Piyush Sharma is a global tech, media and entrepreneurial leader with a reputation for value creation and catalytic growth - across large billion dollar enterprises and start-ups. He created the successful foray of Zee Entertainment in India and globally under the ‘Living’ brand and successfully spearheaded their digital commerce foray in India.