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“Instagram’s approach to ads puts onus on us as link between creative digital content & media”

Ron Schott, IPG Mediabrands

Ron Schott, IPG Mediabrands

Instagram’s announcement and preview of what we can start to expect in terms of ads in the Instagram feed was a great step. By limiting initial inventory to brands they know to be at the top of the Instagram content game, Instagram is taking a carefully-measured first step. It may be an initial step, but it’s an incredibly useful one as many of these brands already have large followings and are setting the content bar for future advertisers.

Instagram is saying ‘This isn’t going to be banner ads on Instagram’. It puts an incredibly amount of onus on us as the link between creative digital content and media as the group that gets to have a horse in both the content and placement races.

Instagram users are fiercely protective of their content, friends and those of whom they are fans. It’s going to take a commitment to brand, content and audience to show success in the Instagram paid placement space. The piece that’s going to be most interesting to many on the media side, is being able to use Facebook targeting to deliver content to Instagram – something that hasn’t really been done across networks as of yet.

The author Ron Schott, is the Head of Spring Creek, of MAP UK at IPG Mediabrands