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“It adds another form of dialogue into the mix”

Clare Laverty, Swire Hotels

To give its clients the feel of a new journey, a new discovery every time they clock in, Swire Hotels, the luxury, lifestyle and boutique hotels brand has launched a new social media campaign. The new animation is aimed at giving the clients a feel of the various properties in Beijing, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom. It evokes the carefree spirit and freedom of travel. The animation supported by the dreamy soundtrack “Where you go” by indie New York band Au Revoir Simone. It pulls you into a simulated journey, and a feeling of travel and stay. The animation also gives us an insight into what it will be like to stay at one of these charming properties by showing little details of the places. The animation shows you the different experiences that you will get by staying in each of Swire’s properties.

Complementing this animation is the blog “You’d be much better here”  where the clients and other travellers to the various cities can get regular updates on interesting events and hot off the press happenings, featuring personalities from both within the hotels and in the fields of art and design, travel, food and wine in Beijing, Hong Kong and Cheltenham, UK. Additionally, the blog features news and fabulous snippets from all over the world. The viewer’s are encouraged to share their experiences here at the blog.

Clare Laverty, head of marketing, Swire Hotels shares her view about how social media, and blogs can engage consumers, and help build a personal relationship with them by not just sharing information about the hotel but also giving them something more that will add value to their life. Excerpts:

How important is social media and online presence for Swire Hotels today?
We see it as a positive and necessary extension of our brand communications. It’s fantastic for adding another dimension to how we engage in direct and personal relationship with our guests beyond their stay. In the past, information about the hotels was spread via press releases or publications, but now we disseminate interesting stories (e.g. awards, events, new menus, featured coverage, stories about our people etc.) and promotions directly to our guests in a timely manner through different social media channels.

Is that important for pulling in more customers?
It adds another form of dialogue into the mix which can only be a good thing, whether that is with fans who we want to ultimately become guests or with existing guests who we want to build a relationship with and bring back time and time again.

What was the idea behind your new animation social media campaign?
The animation creatively showcases the wonderful feeling of travel and stay whether it’s for work or for play, mixing whimsical moments with delicate details from each hotel that seek to create a unique experience for all guests.

How is this campaign meant to serve your business target?
We wanted to launch the blog in a way that captured the spirit of the Swire Hotels’ brands and enticed people to come on our journey with us. We wanted to give them a taste of the experience not only at the hotels but beyond that by sharing interesting content with them from all over the world. By adding value to their lives when they read it.

Who were your partners who designed this for you?
Sodamedia, a creative agency based in Shanghai and New York.

How do you get your clients to interact and react to this initiative beyond just the ‘LIKE” tag?
It’s all about content and whether you are pushing or pulling. We encourage interactions by setting up polls on Facebook, asking our fans for their opinions and we hold regular competitions. All of our websites have “follow and share” buttons too. We want to create a dialogue.

What are your further plans in the social media and digital media space going forward?
You’ll have to wait and see!