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Kantar Strengthen Agile Market Research Leadership

In a move to strengthen its reach and leadership across Asia-Pacific, Kantar announces the appointment of Ilana Sanborn to the newly created role of Head of Kantar Marketplace, Asia-Pacific. Kantar Marketplace is Kantar’s agile market research platform designed for brands and agencies that want to test, learn and move faster.

Ilana has been with Kantar since 2015 including leading both Australia’s innovation practice and the Kantar Marketplace growth strategy for Australia. Ilana will continue leading the Kantar Marketplace portfolio in Australia and remain a member of the Kantar Australia Board.

“I am very excited to have this opportunity to drive growth of the Kantar Marketplace platform across Asia-Pacific to the same heights we are experiencing in Australia. It is incredibly motivating when I show a client the capability of the platform and demonstrate how Kantar is evolving into a business that uses technology such as Artificial Intelligence and technology platforms to better understand human behaviour. We are helping our clients every day to deliver insights faster and are consistently delivering creative and concept testing within 24-48 hours. With our latest Express Surveys online survey tool, our clients can now receive results in as little as one hour.I’m especially looking forward to working with our teams across the region and partnering with our fantastic clients as they test, learn and move faster. As the speed at which the competitive environments of our clients evolve gets faster, Kantar is ready to support them in that challenge. As we launch more products through this platform, Kantar Marketplace will transform the way we engage with, and support, our clients – especially as we navigate out of the pandemic,” said Sanborn.

“I’m proud to work for a business that has continuously allowed me to grow by investing in my career across multiple roles and markets,” said Sanborn.

Tim Kelsall, Kantar’s Chief Client Officer, Asia-Pacific said, “Kantar is continuing to invest in an agile business development and servicing team across the region. Concurrently, we are also investing in wider solutions covering creative and digital testing, concept and innovation testing and on-demand surveys through the Kantar Marketplace platform. I am thrilled to have Ilana work with a wider client base across Asia-Pacific in this expanded role as she leads our commercial growth, product development and client success through Kantar Market.”