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Knorr launches ‘The Irreplaceable Home Taste’ spot on myTV SUPER

PHD Hong Kong has launched an in-video advertising campaign for Unilever, having embedded Knorr’s latest messaging into myTV SUPER programming. The in-video ad insertion allows Knorr’s ‘The Irreplaceable Home Taste’ campaign to appear in popular video content at scale, reaching a potential audience of six million viewers in Hong Kong without disrupting their viewing experience.

The agency partnered with myTV SUPER and Mirriad to bring the dynamic ad campaign to life. The partnership facilitates the natural blend of content through an AI-based algorithm from Mirriad, capable of identifying the right moments and placement spots in myTV Super’s existing premium content. This allows brands to reach local Hong Kong consumers at scale during pivotal moments of emotional engagement.

Speaking about the market-first campaign, Cecilia Teng, Food Director of Unilever Hong Kong and Taiwan, said: “This cooperation signifies that multi-media execution has entered a new era. This new technology provides advertisers with innovative solutions to drive brand awareness and strengthen ad recall in a highly-engaged context along the consumer journey.”

Benjamin Li, Head of Online Advertising Sales at myTV SUPER, believes that the integrity of content and the viewing experience are paramount, and should not be sacrificed to grow revenue. “Native in video, an innovative new ad format, opens new revenue streams and opportunities for advertisers, allowing them to engage with audiences while maintaining the joys and delights of the content’s storyline,” said Li.

Clement Chung, Managing Director of PHD Hong Kong, added, “The industry has long known that highly engaging content brings about higher ad memorability. Through our relentless drive to leverage the latest technology, PHD has found a better way to deliver seamless contextually relevant brand-story interactions at scale for its clients. Working together with Unilever, the team has unlocked an opportunity for Knorr to integrate its branded messaging into some of Hong Kong’s most popular programs in a completely unique – yet un-skippable – manner.”