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Kraft Heinz launches new biscuit brand Jif Jaf

Kraft Heinz has announced the launch of a new biscuit brand targeting young Chinese adults. KRAFT JIF JAF, a range of sandwich biscuits, wafers and butter cookies in odd but delicious flavour combinations has been launched via a strategic partnership with Alibaba’s T-Mall e-commerce platform.

The launch is the result of 12 months of development between the FMCG giant and independent creative agency Jones Knowles Ritchie (JKR) Singapore.

Roshni Chatterjee, Head of White Space Innovations – APAC at Kraft Heinz explained, “Snacking is a multi-billion-dollar category in China, where consumers have a diverse, experimental and an adventurous food culture. Our aim was to build a charismatic brand that would disrupt established consumer habits and drive impulse purchase”.

KRAFT JIF JAF’S chocolate sandwich biscuit range includes unusual fillings such as cheese, matcha tea and chilli, “making for an adventurous and experience-filled snacking moment,” Ms Chatterjee added. “Each flavour has its own character persona inspired by their respective fillings. The Big Cheese is a charmer, Chilly Billy is an adrenaline junkie, whilst Mat Chakra’s matcha filling makes him too zen for his own good.”

“We loved the idea that the chocolate exterior of a Jif Jaf conceals an unexpectedly odd filling. Jif Jafs are a little bit odd inside – just like all of us”, explained Strategy Director Katie Ewer.

The brand targets Chinese millennials and young adults who are caught between a desire to express themselves and a need to fit in. Under a launch campaign headline of ‘discover deliciously different’, KRAFT JIF JAF (or KRAFT QUZU in Mandarin, which can be translated as ‘interesting clan’) launched with its own T-Mall flagship store and is supported by a 360-degree campaign including videos, influencer endorsements, OOH and social engagement.

JKR collaborated with Kraft Heinz to create the name, brand idea, character animations and packaging. The agency also worked with Kraft Heinz to develop an end to end engagement plan for launch in China across e-commerce, social and offline touchpoints.