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Local content to get more internet users on board

Companies in India and abroad have been emphasising on the growing need for local language content on internet and how it can be boost the number of internet users in the country. Availability of relevant content will prompt users to access internet services and give the much needed boost to the internet story in India.

Indian companies are increasingly pushing for local language content on internet as users will grow 39 per cent in the current internet user base, according to a report by Internet and Mobile Association of India and IMRB International.

Rural India will be the primary driver of this growth contributing 75 per cent while urban India will lag behind in the race for local language content on internet. The report finds that the local language user base is growing at 47 per cent Y-o-Y to reach 127 million in June 2015.

Communication, social networking and entertainment are some of the primary reasons people access the Internet. The report finds that majority of the urban India users like to access internet for communication whereas the rural India users access internet for entertainment.

The report also highlighted numbers based on the digital advertising space in India. The report said, “The overall digital advertising spends in India will be INR 3,575 crores by the end of December 2015. The proportion of digital ads spends in the local language will be five per cent of the entire market i.e. INR 179 Crores.”

“With the increasing availability of digital content in the local language, this share is expected to reach nearly 30 per cent of overall digital advertising spends by the year 2020,” the report added.