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Lotame rolls out ‘Precision Audience’ to enhance accuracy

Lotame, the independent data management platform (DMP) has launched ‘Precision Audiences’. These proprietary and validated on-target demographic audience segments exceed industry benchmarks and are now available in more than 20 countries worldwide.

“As barriers to transparency and accuracy in digital advertising continue to grow, Lotame is going all-in on its promise to deliver validated, on-target audience segments and insights for our customers,” said Andy Monfried, CEO and Founder of Lotame.

Today, 80 per cent of marketers say audience data is critical to their digital advertising efforts. Another 53 per cent have increased their annual spend on data-driven advertising. As audience data’s importance continues to grow for media buyers and sellers alike, concerns over quality have exploded – and for good reason. In 2016, bots accounted for 40 per cent of all Internet traffic, manipulating audience insights for 94 per cent of media sellers. Other challenges, from unreliable data collection and volume incentives among data providers, to shared PCs across consumers, have only fueled quality concerns. As a result, the industry is demanding more transparency and accuracy from the audience data that they use to transact and target media.

Lotame’s Precision Audiences includes validated demographic segments,Using Precision Demographic Audiences, a major CPG brand tested data on 20 million female-identified IDs between 18-34, who performed at double the accepted industry on-target benchmark. In the UK, a female 25-54 audience of 40 million profiles tested 25 per cent above benchmark. In Germany, Lotame found 40 million male 18-34 profiles at 30 per cent above accepted industry benchmarks.

“Our clients are spending increasingly more resources and budgets on licensed data to more comprehensively understand their customers. First and foremost, advertisers need to trust the quality of the data, and then look at the scale. The Data Architecture team within Spark Foundry challenges our data partners to get to the bottom of their methodology and data collection practices, ensuring we partner with the highest quality platforms. Transparency is the only way to operate today. Scale with a disregard for quality and transparency is not acceptable. The quality of data sets partners apart and it’s evident in the performance,” said Michelle Mirshak, Vice President, Data Architecture and Platforms at Spark Foundry.

Added Mr Monfried, “We are committed to providing quality data to our customers. Data quality is an industry-wide concern, threatened by non-human traffic, bad actors and bad processes. With today’s launch, we are reinforcing our leadership position around quality, with what will likely become a category standard for other data exchanges.”