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Macau’s Ignite Media to sell digital ads for Sun Mobile

Macau’s leading media company, with quite a few online, and print properties, has tied up with Sun Mobile Communication that sells online and mobile advertising solutions, to offer Sun Mobile’s digital advertising products in Macau. As a part of the deal Ignite Media will provide consultation and solutions for clients based on Sun Mobile’s solutions. The focus areas will include location-based messaging services, electronic coupons on mobile platforms, mobile apps development, and system integration.

Talking about the tie up, Mark Hammons, managing director of Ignite Media, said, “Ignite Media Group is pleased to be partnering with an effective and growing provider of professional mobile advertising services across Asia. Our commercial clients and mobile users will benefit from this team effort. We look forward to partnering with Sun Mobile.” With this tie-up ignite Media Digital will add Sun Mobile’s array of services including direct message delivery, in-message advertising, Bluetooth advertising, mobile TV spot advertising, and on-portal special channel services, along with its services like SEO, SEM, SNS, marketing solutions, apps development, and data analysis.

This tie up with Ignite will allow Sun Mobile a strong presence and entry into the Macau market. This is part of Sun Mobile’s expansion strategy in the Asia Pacific region. In fact Sun mobile follows this partnership business model to integrate itself into local markets to meet the needs of mobile device users through value-added advertising services. To help the brands in Macau Ignite and Sun Mobile will work together to jointly conduct workshops on developing creative mobile and digital marketing solutions for the Macau market.