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Go digital, or go home

Picking up from where I left off last….so are marketers actually keeping up with the change? Personally I don’t know. I don’t have any research or statistic to say yes or no but if I’m relying on good old fashion gut and a little of experience – I’d say marketers are trying but they are struggling. This change is massive. And yet, marketers are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. Don’t embrace it – it could be a liability depending on your business. Embrace it without a game plan – and you could be in for a wild ride. So what next? Can someone help?

I think the industry can. And I believe the industry needs to move away from talking about Digital Marketing and starting to talk about Marketing in the Digital Age. Really – its about engagement and we all know that. And we need to help organizations transform their marketing to succeed in the digital age going beyond the number of facebook likes. Brand engagement needs a conscience and marketers now need to be custodians of the brand conscience in the digital age not just the stewards of the brand image. We don’t need more digital advertising – we need great digital experiences and engagement. The kind that builds a bond or an emotional connection with the consumer, that in turn leads to trust.

The industry has a responsibility and we have a responsibility to have marketers, decision makers and IT Professionals embrace this change. Even IT bodies need to open up their minds as much as Marketing professionals need to evolve their mental model and understand the transformation that needs to take place.

Ultimately the change will happen – in fact it’s here. The future of marketing increasingly will require organizations to leverage technology to drive rich experiences, rich conversations, and meaningful engagements. The new world order of marketing cannot exist in the old world order of thought. Let’s start changing the conversation – say no to Digital Marketing and say yes to Marketing in the Digital Age.